School of Science & Engineering

Dr. Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Van Groningen enjoys the appeal of teaching a wide variety of mathematics classes from Finite Mathematics to the Calculus sequence to Differential Equations.

Dr. Van Groningen considers himself a pure applied mathematician whose main research interest lies within numerical analysis.  His primary work is with numerical solvers of differential equations including the method of lines transpose and defect correction methods.

In the past year, Dr. Van Groningen has taken to coaching the newly implemented AU Mathematics Competition team.  The team participated this year in the Alma University MATH challenge.  In the near future, he hopes the team will compete in other challenges such as the Putnam Exam.

Dr. Van Groningen will gladly introduce you to his family, just as soon as he meets them himself.  In his free time, he likes to seek adventure, read, run, play board games, and watch and play almost any sport.  Further, he also donates his time to the local food pantry.

Dr. Lee Van Groningen has served at Anderson University since 2012.

Contact Dr. Van Groningen:
Decker Hall 332
(765) 641-4412

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.A.  Mathematics, Chemistry, Trinity Christian College
Ph. D., Mathematics, Michigan State University