Genesys Center

Genesys, a global leader in cloud services for customer engagement, communications, and collaboration, provides full-time staff located at the technology training center on the Anderson University campus. The program has been highly successful, and Anderson University is the only location where Genesys currently offers it.

The training center is located in Decker Hall and was launched to provide hands-on training for paid Genesys interns enrolled in Anderson University’s School of Science and Engineering. The program is ideal for students pursuing careers in computer science, information systems, or software engineering with a specific interest in software testing.

“We value our longstanding history with Genesys,” said Anderson University President John Pistole. “This new training center is a natural extension of our partnership that will provide our students with great opportunities to work on projects that have significant benefit for Genesys, business and to our students’ education.”

The Anderson University intern program, open to sophomores through seniors, is offered during the summer and throughout the school year with flexible scheduling options. To apply for the program, visit

The new training center has VPN connectivity to the Genesys headquarters test lab in Indianapolis. It includes features that promote a collaborative environment, including multiple computer workstations and video conferencing technology.

“The success of our Purdue University training center confirmed this model works by propelling the pace at which our interns’ careers develop,” said Jason Probala, Genesys senior director of testing. “We’re excited to expand this program to Anderson University students by offering them the opportunity to work alongside our senior test engineers on projects that provide real business impact.”

Anderson University and Genesys have a long history of partnership. Currently, nearly 30 Anderson University alumni are employed by the company.