School of Science & Engineering

School of Science and Engineering Programs

Why Chose AU for Science & Engineering?

  • Gunwoo Kim's classFaculty Credentials. Faculty have doctorate-level education in the fields of study they are teaching. Faculty are also involved in scholarly research in their fields.
  • Faculty Student Interaction. Faculty offices are usually adjacent to a central “core area”where students congregate in each department. This allows easy access and opportunities for informal interaction between faculty and students.
  • Small Class Sizes. Class sizes are small allowing individual attention and Professors teach all classes and labs.
  • Broad Education. Faculty are dedicated to preparing students to be “critical thinkers”, to prepare them to be problem solvers. In addition, the strong Liberal Component of the curriculum prepares them to be well prepared in interpersonal skills.
  • Teaching for Deeper Understanding. Faculty motivation in the classroom is to teach students how to think and be prepared for lifelong learning, not just to memorize facts and equations.
  • Research Opportunities. Students get involved in research early in their AU experience and leave well prepared for whatever career path they pursue.
  • Internship Programs. At AU we encourage and place students in complementary intern programs with companies matched with their majors. We believe these internships enhance the educational experience and often lead to permanent employment opportunities after graduation.