School of Science & Engineering

Physical Sciences & Engineering Alumni Profiles

“Now that I’m in practice, I have to make a lot of important decisions by myself. If you like to think for yourself, work on your own time, experience hands-on work in the lab, and be involved in small classes, you will fit right in at Anderson University.”
- Dr. Kurt Martin, Orthopedic Surgeon

“My most treasured experience involving the Anderson University science departments is the close personal education I received. I knew that my professors not only wanted me to succeed in my education and future career but they also showed the support to get me there by way of one on one time, availability, and challenge.”
- Victoria Stone, Thoracic Transplant Surgery, IU Health Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, BA '06

“As I progressed through my classes in the chemistry department, I came to realize that good scientists don’t simply predict results because they know a lot of facts and don’t have a memorized formula for every problem. I learned that good scientists know how to ask the right questions, apply a small set of critical thinking principles to solve problems, and with experience learn to predict solutions as they see patterns emerge from problems they have solved in the past. In short, AU taught me how to think critically, ask meaningful questions, and apply what I’ve learned from experience to solve new problems, which has been material in my success working in a professional research environment.”
- Jamison Landey, Chemist II, VMC Consulting at Eli Lilly & Company, BA '09