School of Science & Engineering

AU TeachScience

AU TeachScienceWant to make a difference? Make teaching science your mission.

Students who major in TeachScience are well prepared to teach science in middle schools or high schools. Teaching science has its unique challenges:

  • How do you develop and run labs on a shoe-string budget?
  • What about lab safety?
  • How do you communicate your excitement about science to your students?

The TeachScience program at Anderson University will get you ready. Teaching science is an excellent way to impact the world for Christ. Educating future generations of bright people who are problem solvers with a heart for God is a great way to change the world.

Know your science. Unlike most schools, our students must couple their TeachScience major with a traditional biology, chemistry, or physics major. With a traditional science major, graduates have the option to teach or find other employment using their AU science degree. Options are nice!

Graduate in four years. TeachScience students graduate as fully licensed science teachers with a science major in four years. This is unusual. At other colleges, students complete five years of study and still do not have as extensive a background in science as AU’s TeachScience graduates.

Gain experience. Students get experience in the classroom early on to see if teaching is for them. TeachScience students help in the department as paid lab assistants to the AU science faculty and learn firsthand how to run a lab.

For more information regarding this life changing program contact:
Chad E. Wallace (email)
(765) 641-4370 (office)
(765) 641-3950 (fax)