School of Science & Engineering

TeachScience Objectives

This complementary major offers science students all of the learning and practical experiences needed to meet the state requirements for teacher certification. This major may only be combined with a catalog major in biology, chemistry, or physics, and cannot stand alone to meet graduation requirements. Program objectives include:

  • emphasis on Christ-like servant ways in the development of a professional educator, strengthened by a liberal arts program;
  • teaching as a mission to serve adolescents and young adults;
  • the student’s completion of a traditional major in an area of science while pursuing advanced study in science and/or education;
  • unique combination of secondary school experience and content area instruction;
  • early opportunities for students to explore science teaching as a potential career;
  • entrance into the program at any stage in the student’s educational journey, based on individual needs and circumstances; and
  • program completion within four years for most students.