Police/Security Services

University Police

The Anderson University Police/Security Services Department employs five full-time sworn police officers and employs student security officers to assist with patrolling. Campus police officers are authorized by the State of Indiana to investigate crimes, complaints, to make arrests, and to enforce federal, state and local laws, including traffic laws.

Campus police and student officers patrol the campus on foot and in patrol vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During late evening hours, up to three officers are on duty to check buildings, including the student center, residence hall lounges, and other places students congregate.

The campus police department’s jurisdiction is bounded by the White River (west), Scatterfield Road (east), East 8th Street (south) and Lindberg Road (north). Officers have a working relationship with and share information of mutual concern with state, local and federal police departments.

Police/Security Services Department:

  • are available to students to unlock vehicles, jump start vehicles and air pumps to inflate tires. In addition, we have a list of reputable businesses that will repair vehicles for a reasonable price.
  • employs student security officers to assist with patrolling campus, locking buildings, working special events, and providing escorts.
  • keeps Residence Halls locked 24 hours a day. During the late evening hours the outside doors and lobbies are checked for safety purposes.
  • are either Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) or have advanced First Aid training.
  • provides escorts 24 hours a day for medical and safety purposes by dialing "3333" on campus telephones.
  • provides self-defense and safety programs to students and are made available upon request.
  • has Ten Blue Light Emergency telephones located around campus. In addition, there are 25 telephones located on buildings that have 24-hour access that allow students to call friends or to call escorts, door unlocks or other services.
  • publishes weekly reports of campus security incidents.