As Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Parent Programming, Brenda assisted the Alumni Director in finding ways to engage alumni, students, parents, and friends of the university by coordinating meaningful events, programs, and initiatives.

After working within the university for a number of years, Brenda was inspired by some of her colleagues and mentors to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, and earned her degree from Anderson University in 2013. Embracing the love to learn, she began pursuing her Master of Business Administration from the Falls School of Business at Anderson University.

Brenda is determined to live out the mission of AU by keeping alumni, the campus community and community partners connected to AU. By working with the Homecoming Committee, The Alumni Council and the Student Alumni Association, she coordinates the majority of aspects of Homecoming Week and manages multiple student initiatives created to reach out to current students. She also functions as a resource for parents of current and incoming students through newsletters, luncheons, new student move-in, and parent orientation.

Brenda has served at Anderson University since 2004.