Prior to his arrival at AU, Dr. Tarplee worked for Numerica Corporation in Colorado. As a defense contractor, he helped design, implement, and evaluate many multi-target tracking algorithms for the Air Force, Army, and Navy. As the principal investigator, Dr. Tarplee led a team that built an unmanned ground vehicle capable of tracking objects in the environment with a video camera and LIDAR. In a separate project, he led a team that designed, implemented, and successfully demonstrated a tracking and identification system for small unmanned aerial vehicles. He also worked on a team to build a powerful web-based tool to help police officers search criminal justice information, run analytics, and share the data with other police departments.

His primary research interests include task scheduling algorithms for very large high-performance computing systems. In particular, he is interested in useful relaxations of the computationally infeasible optimal scheduling problems for high-performance computing and data centers. He is also interested in algorithms for finding robust solutions to optimization problems with a high degree of uncertainty in the parameters.

Dr. Tarplee’s research in task scheduling algorithms for heterogeneous high-performance computing is published in various conferences and journals. Other interests include cybersecurity and applied cryptography for enabling “secure by design” applications. Dr. Tarplee’s current research is funded by a grant from the U.S. Air Force for developing multi-target track and ID applications using machine learning. Dr. Tarplee is a senior member of IEEE and a member of ASEE.  More information about Dr. Tarplee can be found on LinkedIn.

He is married to his awesome wife Monica, with whom he has six wonderful little blessings. He enjoys working on his house, camping, backpacking, scuba diving, and playing volleyball.

Dr. Tarplee came to Anderson University in 2015 because the students at Anderson University are amazing!

Contact Dr. Tarplee:
Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Director of Engineering Programs

B.S. in Electrical Engineering., University of California at San Diego
M.Eng., University of California at San Diego
Ph.D., Colorado State University