Dr. Troy’s research interests center on the application of radar.  Namely, using radar to measure and record motion in a variety of settings.

His Ph.D. work at Baylor University in Waco, Texas was over the measurement and classification of human motion in open space and foliaged environments using a 2.45 GHz CW radar.  The radar was constructed as a low cost and portable alternative to commercial radars.  Furthermore, the radar has IQ demodulation capabilities and is prepared to act as a FMCW radar with minimal modification. Recorded data of human activities utilized signal processing techniques for de-noising, such as IQ balancing, continuous wavelet transforms, and pulse integration. Classification was performed automatically to predict the number of people, activity being performed, and the formation of the subjects.

His work will continue in radar construction and application. He hopes to improve his radar for other remote sensing activities.

Dr. Troy is married to Xiuli ‘Hope’ Troy who he met during graduate school. They have a toddler Paul ‘Cheng Cheng’ Troy who keeps them very busy.  He likes to learn about Chinese culture and the way the Church impacts communities differently.

Dr. Troy has served at Anderson University since 2017.

Contact Dr. Troy:
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.S.E.C.E., Baylor University
M.S.E.C.E., Baylor University
Ph.D., Baylor University