Shelly Cary is an assistant of nursing and teaches within the BSN pre-licensure program. She graduated from Anderson University School of Nursing and joined the faculty in 2007. Her professional experience includes Cardiac Medical/step down unit at St. Vincent, 86th Street Campus for 3 ½ years, involved in Cardiac Medical Unit’s Professional Development Committee in organizing inservices  and competency fairs for the staff, as well as, practice facilitator. In this role she worked on the unit doing patient care, was responsible for orientation and mentoring of new staff, as well as evaluated a portion of the staff members. She also served on a hospital wide Pharmacy Safety Committee.

Shelly is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, National Honor Society of Nursing, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana. She led a Tri-S trip of nursing students in 2009 to Porto Alegre, Brazil. Shelly is currently finishing her MSN from Indiana University School of Nursing. Upon completing this degree she will be an Adult Nurse Practitioner. Her research interests include patients with heart failure and how they benefit from frequent clinic visits or with Telehealth, a monitoring system that can keep track of patient’s weights, blood pressures and heart rates from the comfort of their homes.

Shelly Cary has been at Anderson University since 2007.

Contact Shelly:
Hartung 373
Ext. 4394 (765) 641-4393

Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., Anderson University
A.N.P.-C., M.S.N., Indiana University