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In late June, you will receive your bill for the upcoming fall term.  The spring term bill will be sent in late November.  Please refer to Tuition Refund and Billing Dates for specific dates. Any outstanding account balance remaining after the start of classes will incur a 1.5% monthly finance charge. Therefore, we urge to pay your balance by the due date. If the full balance can’t be paid in one lump sum, contact the student accounts team to discuss alternative payment plans. A Statement of Account will be sent to your home address each month until your account is paid in full.

There is a lot of information on our billing statements, so let us help you break it down.  Below is a snapshot of a June bill.

Bill Account Summary

Account Summary

  • This outlines all activity posted to your student account.  You will see tuition, room and other charges along with payments received as the date the bill was generated.  While not pictured, this can be found at the top of the bill statement.  Your total student account balance is noted at the end of this section.

Anticipated Financial Aid

  • Financial aid will not post to your student account until the start of classes.  Until this happens, your aid package is considered ‘anticipated.’  Each line item should reflect the scholarships, grants, awards and loans you intend to receive and apply towards your student account balance. If you see anything that doesn’t look correct (i.e. items missing or items added that you weren’t expecting), go ahead and contact us and we’ll help figure out what caused the change.
  • The Payment Due represents the amount needed to pay your account in full. You can make a lump sum payment or set up a TMS payment plan.