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A credit balance results when you have received aid or otherwise overpaid your student account.  If you have a credit balance, your account balance will be negative when you view your student account on AccessAU.  Refunds of credit balances are disbursed weekly on Fridays and are issued via Nelnet Business Solutions. Typically, the earliest you should expect to receive a refund is the third week of classes.  Please refer to the frequently asked questions below for additional information. The amount of your refund depends on your drop date.

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When will I receive a refund from my student account?

Refunds of loan proceeds or other financial aid for a given semester cannot be issued until the funds are received and posted to the student’s account and classes have begun for that semester. Financial aid, grants, and other proceeds reflected as “Anticipated Aid” on the bill are funds that have NOT been received or posted to the student’s account. Until funds are posted to the account, a refund will not be issued.

How will my refund be disbursed?

Students will receive refunds based on the preference they have chosen at Nelnet Business Solutions.

What is Nelnet Business Solutions?

Anderson University partners with Nelnet Business Solutions to improve your student finance experience. Students can now manage their finances online with a single sign-on through AccessAU. Once logged in, students can see their current balance due, print a bill on-demand, set up a payment plan, add authorized users, and manage their refund preference.

When will my refund be available?

Students can check AccessAU to determine if a refund has been posted to their student account. While there will be exceptions, generally refunds posted by Wednesday will be disbursed via Nelnet by Friday of the same week (transfers to outside bank accounts generally are available on Monday of the next week). Nelnet will notify students of their refund via their email address.

Can the refund be sent to my parents?

If the credit balance is the result of a Parent PLUS loan, the refund will be sent to the parent. The check will be sent to the permanent address Anderson University has on file. This is one of many reasons to keep your personal contact information up-to-date with AU. Updates can be made by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Should a parent prefer to come to campus to receive the check directly, Student Financial Services will need to be notified no later than two days prior to issuing the check.