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Student Leadership Seminar

This is a survey course of current literature in the field of leadership and grounded in a scriptural understanding of everyone's role in regards to leading for the sake of the kingdom in this world. There will be practical applications to leadership at AU and beyond and it is centered around discussion of the readings. Apply on AccessAU.

This course is designed to be a multi-sensory experience which will include speakers, literature, music, film, role-plays, etc. The student should conclude the class with a deeper understanding of self and leadership theories, opportunities to practically apply scripture and current literature to their own experiences currently or to come.

Student experiences:

"The different readings and discussions have definitely exposed me to different ideas concerning leadership and have challenged the views that I have held toward it."

"I appreciate discussing the material, and prefer this to lecture style teaching. I find that I learn the most by hearing from my peers and also getting to express my own views."