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Room Policies

Housing Policy

Students are required to live in on-campus housing if they:

  • have earned less than 88 semester hours
  • are registered as full-time students
  • are single and are not living with parents or guardians
  • will not be 22 years of age by the end of Semester II

Seniors and part-time students may live off campus, but Anderson University reserves the right to require any student, regardless of class standing or number of hours enrolled, to live in university housing. Students living with parents or guardians must provide statements signed by a parent or guardian certifying their residency. Students living in off-campus housing must provide statements giving their place of residency, telephone number, local mailing address, and names of other persons living in the same residence.

Students who wish to be released from the Housing Policy may obtain an off-campus application in the Department of Student Life (Decker 206). The Campus Housing Committee will review the application and notify students of their decision. Decisions of the Campus Housing Committee are final.

Failure to abide by the Anderson University Housing Policy could result in disciplinary action. Questions about university housing should be addressed to the associate dean of students.


Room Assignments and Contracts

The Department of Student Life staff makes and coordinates room assignments and communicates move-in dates before each semester begins. Keys are obtained from the residence hall staff. Each resident is expected to complete a room contract and adhere to the conditions of residency. As a resident, you are expected to stay overnight in your own room. If residents change their status from full-time to part-time, they must have permission from the associate dean of students to continue living in the residence hall. Residents who have stopped attending classes may be asked to vacate their residence hall room unless the dean of students has given permission to stay.

View more information on Roommates Rights [PDF].


Change in Room or Hall

In order to maintain stability and the opportunity to build healthy relationships between roommates, room change requests during the semester may only be made with sufficient reason. Sufficient reason may include, but is not limited to, violation of Roommate Expectations. The Residence Life team will facilitate a roommate mediation process with the students involved. The University will not consider roommate change requests based on actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or perceptions based on the profiles/ information found on the Internet. If a situation arises where a change is necessary, the Room Change Request process may begin. This process ensures all parties affected by the change are notified (roommate, RA’s, RD’s, and Assistant Dean) and have a role in the process. Room change requests between semesters are only allowed to consolidate rooms being vacated at the end of the semester. Failure to get approval for a hall or room change will result in disciplinary action including a minimum fine of $50.


Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

Campus residence hall students are required to complete Room Inventory/Room Condition forms indicating all pre-existing conditions, damages, and irregularities in the residence hall rooms. Detailed completion of this form will either validate charges for room damage or protect students from being charged for room damage for which they are not responsible. This form is used to determine damage to the room and the corresponding charges, regardless of whether the occupants move out during the year or at the end of a semester. Failure to complete and file a form will indicate that there were no pre-existing damages (see “Damages” under Residence Hall Policies).

Students who withdraw or leave school during the school year must review the Room Inventory/Room Condition form with an RA or RD before leaving. Students changing rooms or moving to another residence hall must review the Room Inventory/Room Condition form with an RA or RD before leaving and complete a Room Inventory/Room Condition form for the new residence hall room. The RD will check the room after it is vacated. Failure to follow proper check-out procedures will result in an automatic $50 fine.

Proper check-out procedures will be posted and distributed to students. The following procedures are required for all final check-outs:

  • sweep room and take all trash to the dumpster
  • clean inside of drawers, desktops, and window sills
  • return all furniture to original places and secure properly
  • remove all putty from walls and doors
  • close and lock all windows
  • return key
  • review room inventory with an RA or RD