Summer at AU

Student Testimonials

"Awesome ... Coming next year!" — Isaac, IN

"The camp was so cool. Everyone got to experience conducting class, master classes, performances, and a little insight to what college is going to be like. This camp really made a difference and encouraged me even more to be a great music teacher in the future." — Elizabeth, IN

"This was such an excellent experience. It will definitely help all of us in the future. This was absolutely fantastic! — Mackenzie, IN

"This camp taught me not just about the rigors and rewards of a career in music education, but it also gave me the skills to improve myself. Both beautiful lessons to learn." — Alex, OH

"It's an incredible experience with world-class faculty that will absolutely prepare you for life as a college music major." — Ethan, IL

"If you are unsure about becoming a music educator, or know you do want to become one, this camp prepares you, gives you amazing new experiences, challenges you, and introduces you to great people who share your interests! I would recommend this camp to anyone who's passionate about music!" — Andrea, IN

"I highly recommend this camp!" — Matthew, OH

"This experience is excellent for anyone who wants to be a music ed major. I'm coming back next year." — Jacob, IN