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Anderson, Indiana
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Orangehaus Music Business Camp

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Orangehaus Music Business Camp

Explore a career in the music industry

Do you want to work in the massive world of music business?

Are you a Singer? ... Rapper? ... Musician? ... Songwriter? ... Music Artist?

Do you want to be a Music Producer? ... Engineer? ... Publisher? ... Manager? ... Promoter?

At Orangehaus Music Business Camp, we offer a unique week-long summer experience designed to help you discover what it takes to have a career in the music business.

You get the opportunity to fully exploit your own talent by choosing to play in a band, write songs, record in a studio, or get practical learning experience in music marketing and promotion. Our award-winning and international team will help you grasp studio technology like Pro Tools and create your own DIY home studio. You'll develop skills in studio recording, songwriting, strategies for selling your music, creating a killer press kit, music marketing, booking gigs, building a fan-base through social media, and legal stuff you gotta know.

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For more information about the camp: 
Dr. Rebecca Chappell / / (765) 641-4461.

For information about registration, room, or board: 
Jill Goodwin / / (765) 641-4144.