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Dr. Ed Farrelly

Ed Farrelly“I enrolled at Anderson University with a poor skill set, poor social skills, no clear vocational goals, and a very narrow view of what constitutes good, solid Christianity. My years at Anderson University opened my eyes to so much. I quickly discovered that AU was not a slice of heaven where everyone dutifully studied God’s word and prayed without ceasing. And no one was going to force me to study. There were shared values among staff and students but also many diverse points of view. It was just as easy to make wrong choices here as it had been earlier in life. What the college provided was a general atmosphere of support. There were consequences for wrong decisions but a Christian support system to help me learn from my poor choices and move forward. After early academic and social blunders, I developed skills and goals that placed me on course to a very successful career in education. After a lot of painful questioning and doubting, my faith developed in ways that led to years of Christian service. I 
support Anderson University because I want the many students who attend to have the same opportunities I had. No school can guarantee a successful future for its graduates. Anderson University provided me with a solid foundation for my career in elementary education, a nurturing atmosphere for the positive Christian values that I brought with me, a measure of protection as I matured and worked through the many distractions life provided, and opportunities to serve, which helped me develop a positive life view toward service.”