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David Pepsny

David PepsnyDavid Pepsny BA ‘02 graduated from Anderson University with a degree in marketing. During his time at AU, he also worked in the Physical Plant Department on campus. Due to his work with the department, he received a scholarship sponsored by the workers of the department.

He came across a copy of Signatures alumni magazine with a feature on his scholarship, and was reminded of the generosity of those physical plant workers. Pepsny said, “Their generosity not only made an impact financially in my life, but also the thought and testimony that these individuals gave by giving up their hard earned money to help support me through my education.”

As a small token of appreciation for the scholarship he received, Pepsny sent several Papa John’s gift cards to the current workers in the Physical Plant Department. The workers enjoyed a pizza party thanks to Pepsny’s gift cards.

Joe Royer, executive director of facilities and property management said, “The folks were happy to learn that the benefactor of their lunch was a former student and PPD worker. This was a wonderful gesture, to know that a former student worker and alum has fond enough memories of his time here to think of us some 20 years later.”

Pepsny is currently earning his second master’s degree at the University of California San Francisco in healthcare administration and interprofessional leadership, and will graduate in the summer of 2018. He has been the director of facilities for the Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Campus for about three years. He and his wife have been living and working in the Sacramento area for almost 11 years now, and they have four young children.

Pepsny was happy to honor the generosity of those workers that supported his scholarship nearly 20 years ago. “I don’t think we do a good enough job going back and thanking those who have helped us become who we are today,” said Pepsny. “I’m trying my best to go back and appreciate all of those who gave so much to me.”