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Raven Sustainers

Become a Raven Sustainer by making a recurring monthly donation.

Raven Sustainers is a monthly giving program that allows you to set up a recurring gift of any amount to Anderson University. You can join by making your first gift on the form below. Joining Raven Sustainers also saves you paper and is eco-friendly, as you will receive an email confirmation for your gift each month. Your monthly gift, added to the monthly gifts of others, will quickly add up throughout the year to build the necessary resources to help AU students learn and grow as college students and citizens.

As a Raven Sustainer, you will receive a monthly thank-you email with a scripture, as well as a digital photo album that shows you what your monthly gift is doing on AU's campus! We hope you'll enjoy this look into the ways that you are supporting student life at AU, our small way to say thank you each month! If you have any specific questions about monthly giving, please call our office at 1 (800) 421-1025, or email Jennifer Steiner.


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