Sustainability & Recycling

Recycling Pick-up

Recycling TruckThe recycling team picks up the toters on a regular schedule and moves them to the next stage of the process.  There are several routes that differ slightly based on the needs of specific buildings.

  • One route handles the toters from Decker Hall, Nicholson Library and the School of Theology.
  • Another route handles all other administrative and classroom buildings as well as dorms and residences.
  • A special route picks up corrugated cardboard daily from the student center because of the high volume generated there.
  • Ad hoc pickup runs are used for unusual and irregular recycling.

Activities at the Student Center generate a large volume of corrugated cardboard boxes every day.  That cardboard is collected daily and moved to the processing center for processing and packaging.  The food service operation generates a daily flow of flattened cardboard boxes that contained various food products, and the bookstore generates large volumes of cardboard at the beginning of each semester.

Cardboard is also collected at Decker Hall every day, though in much lower volumes.

The rest of the campus is on a weekly cardboard collection cycle, unless there is an unusually large volume that justifies a special pickup.