Sustainability & Recycling

Recycling Info

Recycling ContainersWhen you separate the recyclables into the right containers, that action makes the rest of the recycling process more efficient.  If you put recyclables in the wrong container, or mix all of them together in one container, then the recycling team will need to sort the material into the right category before sending it for recycling.

Find out what can be recycled on the Recycling Materials [PDF].

When trash makes it way into the recycling bins it causes serious problems.  Please do not put trash, or any wet or soiled material in the recycle containers. 

From you to the toter.
The next step in the process is moving the recyclables to the appropriate toters for pickup by the recycling team.
Recycling BinsDorms and Residence Halls
When one of your recycling containers is full, it is your responsibility to empty the contents into the larger collection containers that are located in the bathrooms, hallways or stairwells.  Locate the correct container and empty your container into that bin. 

Each dorm will be slightly different, but the tub for plastic and glass is typically found in the bathroom.  The tubs for mixed paper and office paper are typically found at the ends of the hallway.

In the residences, look for the tubs in the stairwells or near the entrances.

The building captains will monitor the hallway and bathroom tubs.  When one is full the captain will empty its contents into the toters that are outside the building.

Administration and Classroom Buildings
The housekeeping staff empties the recycling containers from desks and from classrooms on a regular schedule.  If your container fills up before the next scheduled time, please take it to the nearest toter and empty it.

  • In Decker Hall the toters can be found on each floor
  • In Hartung Hall the toters are in the "garage" on the first floor
  • In the Library and School of Theology toters are located in the SOT elevator lobby
  • In Hardacre Hall toters are located in the basement opposite the elevator.
  • In Krannert Fine Arts toters are located in the stairwell on the art side of the building

For all other administration and classroom buildings the toters are located outside, frequently near the trash dumpsters.