School of Theology & Christian Ministry

Christian Ministry

Students having a discussion in class.Questions of truth and destiny confront each generation. The undergraduate program of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry is committed to the centrality of the Christian tradition as faculty and students explore these questions together. The School of Theology and Christian Ministry also offers many experiences for growth and education.

Students seeking more than one major in the department may present no more than 15 hours common to those majors. Students seeking minors as well as majors in this department must choose a different area of study for the minor and present a minimum of 12 hours not applied to the major. 

This department offers a few important contact points in the campus's Christian Spiritual Transformation initiative. Students take both BIBL 2000 and an upper-level course to serve as part of their formation. We believe these courses root students in Scripture as well as Christian understanding of the world, which allows students to begin to think theologically (thinking deeply about their own faith).