School of Theology & Christian Ministry

Christian Ministry Undergrad Minors

The ethics minor is designed to provide additional depth and strength in the critical study of moral and ethical deliberations and is particularly focused on continuing moral concerns facing humans, their institutions, and the wider creation. The ethics minor is designed to strengthen the knowledge base of departmental majors but may also complement the interests of students in other majors.

Courses in philosophy involve students in relative consideration of the nature of humanity, society, morality, religion, the arts, and the natural world. These courses contribute to the liberal arts education in two basic ways: they help students understand and assess beliefs that are integral to their views of human existence, and they are meant to enable students to acquire philosophical skills and materials that enrich and integrate the study of other disciplines. Essential to the success of each course is an atmosphere of openness to diverse viewpoints and a respect for the high standards of critical thinking.

Minors in biblical studies, religion, and Christian ministry take required classes from each discipline to complete the program. View the current Undergraduate Catalog for further information on course descriptions.