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Master of Divinity - Online or On Campus!

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The Master of Divinity degree is the ministerial leadership degree for those preparing for ordained ministry. This program provides a broad preparation for ordained ministry with a solid seminary curriculum in Bible, church history, theology, mission, and pastoral ministry.

Anderson University School of Theology and Christian Ministry offers two paths to the same 78-hour degree. You may complete it on campus in Anderson, Ind. or with the 100% online option. Both programs offer the same curriculum taught by the same scholars and teachers.

Whichever path you choose, the purpose of the seminary Master of Divinity degree is the spiritual and intellectual formation of people in the Christian ministry of biblical reconciliation in both the church and society.

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The MDiv seminary degree has been designed especially for men and women who are called to serve as pastors of traditional congregations as well as serving in the emerging church, institutional chaplains, missionaries, and denominational leaders.

The Anderson University Master of Divinity degree aims to prepare graduates to accomplish the following:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to accurately read scripture and other literature of humanity, as well as congregational and cultural contexts.

  2. Behave with Christian integrity.

  3. Demonstrate ongoing interpersonal relationships that are caring, supportive, collaborative, and ethical.

  4. Serve in a ministry position or enroll in further graduate education.

  5. Be adequately prepared for biblical preaching and teaching, pastoral care, mission, evangelism, leadership in the church, worship (including ordinances, weddings, and funerals), and church administration.

The Anderson University School of Theology and Christian Ministry faculty has carefully developed an MDiv curriculum plan intended to assist all students to reach the five goals listed above. The MDiv degree is designed not only to help a person prepare for ordained ministry but also to help them as leaders to equip others for ministry within the life of the church.