School of Theology & Christian Ministry

Online Specializations Philosophy

The Anderson University School of Theology and Christian Ministry is committed to the biblical and theological education of those already serving in ministry.

Therefore, the faculty developed specializations for its online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry to assist those currently in vocational ministry — and laypeople who wish to take a seminary degree. Each specialization has a specific philosophy that guides its structure and course content.

Pastoral Ministry is meant for the senior pastor/preaching pastor/solo pastor who might have years of experience in ministry but is feeling the need for the biblical and theological foundations and specific help in preaching and relationship building in a congregation.

Student Ministry is intended for a paid or volunteer minister of youth and/or children who may or may not have years of experience. This specialization includes biblical and theological foundations plus specific content directed at ministry with youth and children.

Preaching has been an important part of the church and particularly within the history of the Church of God reformation movement. This specialization is designed to assist the student to understand the methods and delivery of the preached word for more effective communication within the congregational setting.