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Criminal Justice

Every day, whether we watch the news on TV or via the Internet, we hear stories about crime. In addition to these accounts, movies, video games, and television dramas provide entertaining portrayals of the world of crime and its heroes and villains. The reality of crime and how we respond to it as a society are focal points for the academic area of study known as criminal justice.

The criminal justice major prepares students to enter employment in fields related to law enforcement, courts and corrections, victim advocacy and assistance, and provides a foundation for graduate study. Coursework in the criminal justice program focuses on the social science of criminology and criminal justice.


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Why AU?

Why choose AU for Criminal Justice?

Anderson University’s program in criminal justice provides a combination of classroom and experiential learning opportunities through internships and specialized courses in law enforcement, victim advocacy, probation, corrections, juvenile justice, and other related fields. The program offers small class sizes taught by full-time faculty with strong academic backgrounds and professional experience within the criminal justice field. At AU, students develop the knowledge base for understanding crime, whether it takes place through street offenses such as robbery, theft, or homicide or via newer modes, including white-collar crime, cyber-crimes, and terrorism.

Criminal justice is a rapidly changing field offering a wide variety of careers. Our approach at AU is to help students find the match between their interest in criminal justice and their particular strengths and God-given talents. We work with students throughout their time at AU to help them discover and develop their skills, knowledge, and character to fulfill career aspirations in a criminal justice-related field.

Program Options

Bachelor of Arts

Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with the 33-hour major. You can choose a three-year or four-year path to graduation.

Associate of Arts

The Associates of Arts degree is a two-year program designed for students pursuing careers in criminal justice as well as for individuals already employed in the field. The curriculum provides foundational courses in criminal justice and approximately half of the hours for the four-year Bachelor of Arts program. View the courses required for the Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.

17-hour Minor

The criminal justice minor provides applied expertise through coursework in this area.


What courses will I take?

  • The Nature of Crime and Social Deviance
  • Criminal Law and Process
  • Social Problems
  • Introduction to Social Research

View the courses required for the Criminal Justice major.


What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

  • Probation Officer
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • State Trooper
  • Crime Scene Investigator

A full semester internship experience allows students to experience firsthand the daily routine and challenges of working within the criminal justice system. Internships also provide opportunities for students to explore career options.

Our Faculty & Staff

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