Majors by Interest

Students working on a glass board and a white board with a female professor.


Not sure what you want to major in at Anderson University? Pick a topic to take a step in the right direction!

Storytelling and creative expression.

Love sharing stories with others and communicating ideas on paper, in spoken words, or through design?

Improving the health and well-being of others.

Want to take care of the physical and emotional needs of others or planning to pursue a profession in the medical field? 

Pursuing scientific knowledge.

Curious about how the physical world and human bodies function or constantly seeking new ways to do things with computers? 

Educating others for the future.

Want to share your learning with others and develop the ability to express your passion for your subject in a way that will inspire future students to pursue their passions?

Teaching others about Christ to further the Kingdom.

Inspired by a calling to build a profession centered on faith or are called to support the spiritual development of others?

Making my mark on the world in business.

Driven toward leadership and excellence in things like international business deals to the details of keeping a budget?

Expressing ideas through performance.

Like to perform or are interested in supporting the performances of others?

Structuring communities and government systems.

Find yourself drawn to discussions of politics and proper governance and want to find your place in the ranks of those making or enforcing policy?

Solving problems and the details of how technology works.

Passionate about numbers or intrigued by the details of technology and innovation?

Making the world a better place - locally and abroad.

Want to make a difference through service, faith, teaching, or communicating ideas?