School of Theology & Christian Ministry: Tuition & Fees

You have a calling. We have a way to get there.Our pricing honors your calling!

Anderson University School of Theology and Christian Ministry has undertaken efforts to assess our alignment with the needs of seminary students and the important work they have done and continue to do. In recognition of the uniqueness of professions surrounding a calling to ministry, our pricing changed in the fall of 2017 for all students, whether they are already enrolled or just arriving to the program. The adjusted cost continues to be supplemented with direct aid to our students with an aim to fit the cost of a seminary education into a life focused on faith and service. 

Costs and Obligations

Payment of tuition and fees must be made in full at the time of registration. Registrations not accompanied by full payment or appropriate financial arrangements will be canceled. Information on payment methods and financial aid is available from the Anderson University Office of Student Financial Services

Registration constitutes a contractual agreement between the seminary and the student. If enrollees withdraw from all classes after classes have begun, or reduce the number of hours carried, they might be entitled to a reduction in charges for tuition.

Clinical Pastoral Education Fees

Students registering for THFE 7730 (Clinical Pastoral Education) will be charged at the regular tuition rate. The School of Theology and Christian Ministry will pay the agency administering the program the student's program fee up to but not to exceed the tuition paid for the credit hours. No student may repeat this course with the above financial privilege.

Student Housing

The School of Theology and Christian Ministry offers graduate student housing in the York Seminary Village.

Health Services and Insurance

The Anderson University Office of Student Health Services seeks to provide comprehensive health services to all students. Offerings include immediate care, health counseling, referrals, and wellness education. University health services are available to seminary students but not spouses or children. In addition, the university makes available a student health insurance plan at an affordable premium. Students who participate in this plan may also purchase additional coverage for spouses and/or children. The School of Theology and Christian Ministry strongly urges students to have health insurance. For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at (765) 641-4132.