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Anderson University values the hard work that students put in before starting classes on campus and seeks to find a place for each person to connect. Our open and welcoming community can be especially appealing to students transferring from another school or associate’s program.

In order to further welcome these students to the AU community, students transferring to AU can now receive up to $14,500 per year in merit scholarships, up from a previous cap of $9,000.

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Mary Jane Dewitt: a woman with dark blond hair and bangs

Mary Jane Dewitt, a senior majoring in elementary education, started her collegiate career at another school, but by the end of her first year she found that something was missing.

“I wanted a campus that was more Christ-centered and a place that I could have genuine relationships with people,” said Dewitt. “Immediately when I got onto AU’s campus it was clear that God's presence was here.”


Mackenzie Standeford: a woman with brown hair wearing scrubs

Mackenzie Standeford BSN ’18 initially visited AU’s School of Nursing and Kinesiology as a high school student, but a change in her family situation led her to a state school. After a difficult first semester, she returned home to Indianapolis and attended a local commuter college. “I actually showed up 20 minutes late for my first class because I couldn’t find a parking spot. It was a huge campus,” she said.

Standeford felt she was missing out on the fellowship and community of a small school, so she transferred to AU after visiting again. “The students here love to say ‘Hi!’ They’re really community-oriented, and people actually want to know how you're doing. It's really a community that I had wanted all along and couldn't find when I was just a number in a sea of 40,000 people.”


Austin Boon: a man with short brown hair

Austin Boon BA ’11, a counselor and AU Alumni Council member, transferred to AU as a sophomore. “I remember thinking, ‘Am I going to be able to make friends at AU? Maybe everyone already has their friend groups, how am I going to be able to get connected?’” However, Boon soon discovered a community ready to connect with him.

“I quickly found what was my family within the psychology department,” said Boon. “The students and the faculty there were great and I could tell the faculty really cared about the students beyond just the classroom; they were really invested in their wellness.”



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