Student Life

Interest Clubs

Student United Way

The student government association serves as the governing body for interest clubs not associated with an institutional department or major.

Interest clubs generally exist at the initiative of students.

Initiating an interest club and becoming a fully authorized club requires:

  • at least 10 students interested in being members of the club
  • a faculty or staff advisor who meets with the club at least once a semester
  • a club constitution (subsequent amendments must be approved by SGA and the Department of Student Life)
  • approval by SGA and the Department of Student Life

These groups may or may not have a stipulation regarding membership. However, groups must maintain faculty/staff advisor and have a charter or mission statement on file.

The following are approved Interest Clubs:


  • Asian Student Association
  • Cheerleading
  • Compose
  • Convictions
  • AU - Garden
  • Black Student Association
  • Bound
  • Beyond Me
  • College Democrats
  • College Mentors for Kids
  • College Republicans
  • Computer Science Student Club
  • Dance Team
  • Dave Matthews Band Club
  • FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
  • Hispanic-Latino Student Association
  • Gospel Choir
  • Global Student Association (GSA)
  • Men's LaCrosse
  • Operation Foundation
  • Student Alumni Association
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
  • Student Dance Council
  • Student Peace Initiative
  • Swing Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Outdoor Club
  • Cinema Club
  • Longboarding Club
  • eSports Club

To learn more about our interest clubs, contact our Student Government Association.