Student Life

New Students

Welcome to Anderson University! We’re so excited to meet you and to have you on campus.

In order to receive your on campus housing assignment, make sure you first:

  1. Go to
  2. Your Login ID = your 7 digit student ID number. (Ex: 2987654)
  3. Your Password = your 8 digit birth date. (Ex: 05131996)
  4. Scroll to heading: 2017-18 Fall Term (August 2017)
  5. New & Transfer students: select 2017-2018 (Fall) New & Re-admitted Student Application
  6. Read carefully and follow prompts. You are finished when you have reached the “Congratulations…” screen.

Commuter & Off Campus Students:  Follow steps 1 through 3 (above), then complete the form appropriate for your status of either Commuter (lives with parent) or Off-Campus (does not live with parent).

Do you have questions about the process? Email us at or call at (765) 641-4190.