Student Life

New Students

Welcome to Anderson University! We’re so excited to meet you and to have you on campus.

In order to receive your on-campus housing assignment, make sure you first:

  1. Go to
  2. Your Login ID = your 7 digit student ID number. (Ex: 2987654)
  3. Your Password = your 8 digit birth date. (Ex: 05131996)
  4. Scroll to heading: 2018-19 Fall Term (August 2018)
  5. New & Transfer students: select 2018-2019 (Fall) New & Re-admitted Student Application
  6. Read carefully and follow prompts. You are finished when you have reached the “Congratulations…” screen.

Commuter & Off-Campus Students:  Follow steps 1 through 3 (above), then complete the form appropriate for your status of either Commuter (lives with parent) or Off-Campus (does not live with parent).

Do you have questions about the process? Email us at or call at (765) 641-4190.