Student Life

Student Success FAQ

  • Student VolunteersWhat is a Mentor Group?
    A mentor group is comprised of your Peer Mentor, Faculty Mentor, and a group of 18-20 new students. This is the group with which you will have the First-Year Seminar and your Liberal Arts Seminar. Everyone is going through the same experience together so no one feels out of the loop.
  • Do I have to stay with my group throughout the entire Orientation process?
    Your Mentor group is designed to be a support system for those first few months on campus away from home to give you a sense of stability. Since this is the group of people that you will be for the entire first year, we recommend spending all scheduled activities of Orientation with them to build a foundation of friendship and trust. You will also have plenty of opportunities to build friendships with your floor mates and other friends you have made during your time here at AU.
  • What if I am an athlete? What do I do during Orientation?
    Fall athletes (football, volleyball, soccer, and cross country) will already be on campus when the rest of the new students move in on August 25. Athletes will still be assigned a mentor group and are encouraged to attend group activities when possible. President’s Convocation, first group meeting, and faculty mentor home visit are all required events for you to attend. We understand that there will be practices and meetings that will pull you away from the group. This is why athletics has their own orientation they attend to become acquainted with the school’s rules and policies.
  • What all will I do with my Mentor group?
    Peer Mentors will be available to answer any questions that new student may have regarding academics, spiritual life, or social life here at AU. Mentor Groups will be together throughout the entire Orientation process. They will participate in the Service Project together, sit through sessions together, eat many meals together, visit Faculty Mentor homes, and much more. Peer Mentors will be in charge of planning events and dinners for their group not only during Orientation, but throughout the whole year. Events may include game nights, going to AU CAB events together, movie marathons, trips to Indianapolis, or Deluxe Donuts runs.
  • Do I have to take the First Year Experience Seminar my first semester?
    Yes. The FYE class is required of all new students. When you come to Raven 101, you will automatically be registered for this class. You will be in this class with the same people in your mentor group that you go through Orientation with. See course objectives for more information