School of Science & Engineering

Photo of Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey

Assistant Professor of Biology

Michael Bailey teaches in the department of biology at Anderson University. He joined the AU faculty in August 2000. He previously taught at Bartlesville Wesleyan College, New Castle High School, and part-time at AU. His academic preparation includes a BS in biology and chemistry from Sterling College, two years at the University of Kansas School of […]

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Photo of Katelyn Butler

Dr. Katelyn Butler

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Katelyn J. Butler received her B.A. in Biology from Judson University in Elgin, IL where she graduated Summa cum laude from the honors program and was the recipient of the President’s Scholar award. She then proceeded to receive her Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During her graduate work, she investigated the genetic […]

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Photo of Scott Carr

Dr. Scott R. Carr

Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Carr instructs courses mainly in chemistry, but also has taught courses under the physics caption and is involved in the freshman Liberal Arts Seminar courses. In addition to course instruction, Dr. Carr has assisted students in undergraduate research projects. The work that has been completed in some of the endeavors has been presented at […]

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Photo of Jennifer Coy

Dr. Jennifer Coy

Chair, Department of Computer Science; Professor of Computer Science & Physics

Jennifer Coy teaches at Anderson University in the Department of Computer Science and Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering. She joined the AU faculty in August of 2014, bringing 10 years of experience teaching at a small college. Prior to joining AU, Jennifer taught Physics and Computer Science at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Ind. Jennifer’s research interests lie in […]

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Placeholder Staff Photo

Larry George, P.E.

Mechanical Engineering Advisor

Larry George acts as a mechanical engineering advisor for the Department of Physical Science & Engineering. He earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Indiana. His background includes responsibilities in […]

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Dr. Dan Ippolito standing near the White River

Dr. Dan Ippolito

Professor of Biology

Dr. Ippolito received his B.S. in Biology from Yale University in 1979 and his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985. His doctoral research focused on competition between an invasive species and native bass in a power plant reservoir in East Texas.  After a four-year stint teaching marine biology at […]

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Dr. Kyung Shin Kang

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Kang has long been interested in integrating mechanical engineering technologies into bio-applications. His Ph.D. work at Pohang University of Science and Engineering (POSTECH) in Pohang, South Korea, was in design, characterization, and evaluation of an in vitro cell stimulation device using biophysical stimuli for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He also utilized additive manufacturing […]

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Photo of Scott Kennedy

Dr. Scott B. Kennedy

Professor of Chemistry

During his tenure at Anderson University, Dr. Kennedy has taught a broad range of courses in chemistry and physics and maintains an active research program studying the antimicrobial properties of polymer solutions and polymeric coatings. In 2009 Dr. Kennedy began consulting for a start-up company that formulates and distributes unique antimicrobial products to a wide […]

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Photo of Charles Koontz

Charles Koontz

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Professor Charles Koontz joined the Anderson University faculty in 1985 and has served as chair of the Computer Science Department from 1999 to 2016. Prior to joining Anderson University, he served in the military and worked in a business related profession. Professor Koontz received a B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University in 1979 and a […]

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photo of Josiah Kunz teaching class

Dr. Josiah Kunz

Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Josiah Kunz is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering at Anderson University. His Ph.D. work at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Ill., was in computational and accelerator physics, specifically working on simulations of muon-based particle accelerators. Kunz’s current research at Anderson University involves designing a cross-platform 3D graphical user interface in […]

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Photo of Justin Lambright

Dr. Justin Lambright

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Lambright teaches almost the entire range of courses offered by the Department of Mathematics, such as Explorations in Mathematics and the Calculus sequence, as well as Mathematical Models and Geometry. His research interests are related to the fields of combinatorics and algebra, involving special families of polynomials and integer sequences related to them. He […]

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Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito speaks about expressing her faith in the classroom.

Dr. Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito

Professor of Biology; Allied Health Advisor

Dr. Kimberly G. Lyle-Ippolito is Professor of Biology at Anderson University. Dr. Lyle-Ippolito received her BS in Biology from Wright State University in 1980 and her MS and PhD in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University in 1985.  She completed a post-doctoral research position at Case Western Reserve University in vaccine development before moving […]

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Photo of Benjamin McPheron

Dr. Benjamin McPheron

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Prior to arriving at Anderson University, Dr. McPheron spent four years as an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Dr. McPheron received his BSEE in Electrical Engineering at Ohio Northern University in 2010, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park in 2014. Dr. […]

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Photo of John Mills

Dr. John P. Millis

Chair, Physical Sciences & Engineering; Professor of Physics

During Dr. Millis’s tenure at Anderson University, he has taught a broad range of courses in physics and astronomy and maintains an active research program in very high-energy astrophysics. He is a member of the VERITAS (Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) Collaboration, which operates an array of four air-Cherenkov gamma ray telescopes located […]

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Photo of Harold Owens II

Dr. Harold Owens II

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Harold Owens II is an adjunct professor of the Department of Computer Science at Anderson University. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Purdue University, Indiana; master’s degree in computer science from the University of North Texas, Texas; and his bachelor’s degree in computer science from McMurry University, Texas. His research is a combination […]

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Terry Pahls

Senior Engineering Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Mr. Pahls joined Anderson University in 2013 as senior engineering consultant and adjunct professor of engineering to help develop the new AU Engineering programs and curricula. Previously, he worked for more than 40 years in industry, where he held engineering and corporate leadership positions with General Motors, Detroit Edison, Remy International and I Power Energy Systems, […]

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Dr. Richard Pottorf

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

After more than 25 years of industrial experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Pottorf felt the calling to “pay back” for his education in chemistry.  His experience in Drug Discovery involved medicinal chemistry studies in cardiovascular, CNS, anti-inflammatory and cancer therapeutic areas.  He was involved in the discovery of an antihypertensive drug, Cozaar, and similar […]

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Photo of Paul Saltzmann

Paul Saltzmann

Professor of Mathematics

After graduating from Anderson College in 1957, Paul Saltzmann taught high school in Ohio for two years, Professor Saltzmann began his tenure at Anderson College as Acting Instructor of Mathematics in 1959. With the exception of a year teaching in an African secondary school in Kenya, Professor Saltzmann has taught every semester at the university […]

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Photo of Brian Schultz

Brian Schultz

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Brian Schultz joined the Department of Computer Science as an adjunct in the fall of 2018. He also works at Genesys as a software engineer in their testing department. In 2016, Brian helped start an on-campus internship program, partnering Genesys and Anderson University. Working out of the Genesys Lab at AU, he has many opportunities to interact with […]

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Photo of Kyle M. Tarplee

Dr. Kyle M. Tarplee

Director of Engineering Programs

Prior to his arrival at AU, Dr. Tarplee worked for Numerica Corporation in Colorado. As a defense contractor he helped design, implement, and evaluate many multi-target tracking algorithms for the Air Force, Army, and Navy. As the principle investigator, Dr. Tarplee led a team that built an unmanned ground vehicle capable of tracking objects in the environment […]

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Photo of Courtney Taylor

Dr. Courtney Taylor

Chair, Department of Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Taylor was an undergraduate student at Anderson University and returning to join the faculty in the fall of 2011 was very much like coming home. He has taught nearly every course in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and especially enjoys teaching Abstract Algebra and Problem Seminar. He serves as chair of the department. His research interests fall […]

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photo of willis troy

Dr. Willis Troy

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Troy’s research interests center on the application of radar.  Namely, using radar to measure and record motion in a variety of settings. His Ph.D. work at Baylor University in Waco, Texas was over the measurement and classification of human motion in open space and foliaged environments using a 2.45 GHz CW radar.  The radar […]

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Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Van Groningen enjoys the appeal of teaching a wide variety of mathematics classes from Finite Mathematics to the Calculus sequence to Differential Equations. Dr. Van Groningen considers himself a pure applied mathematician whose main research interest lies within numerical analysis. His primary work is with numerical solvers of differential equations including the method of lines […]

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Photo of Chad Wallace

Dr. Chad E. Wallace

Dean, School of Science and Engineering; Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Wallace was an undergraduate student at Anderson University. He loved AU so much; he returned to join the faculty in the fall of 2000. Because of his background in organometallic chemistry, he teaches organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and several other advanced chemistry courses. His research at Anderson University has been mostly in the area […]

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