Office of Human Resources

Benefits Information and Enrollment

Anderson University offers the following benefits according to position FTE eligibility.

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Care
  • Retirement Plans
  • Flexible Spending Plans
  • Remitted Tuition
  • Paid Time Off
  • Kardatzke Wellness Center
  • Free Parking Pass
  • Athletic Events Pass/Theatre Tickets
  • Online Training

The Benefits Handbook details employee benefits. To determine your eligibility, you must know your position’s Employment Category and Full Time Equivalency (FTE). This information was provided to you in the initial email from Human Resources or by contacting a Human Resources staff member. The Fringe Benefit Eligibility chart may be found on pages 5-6 of the Benefits Handbook.

The Benefit Election Checklist will give you a concise list of the benefits and the monthly premiums. Use this checklist as your guide for enrolling in AU benefits.

To assist you in choosing benefit options that best fit your family’s needs, Human Resources has compiled a list of benefits forms and informational documents.

  • Health Insurance Options outlines medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Health Insurance Guide gives detailed explanations of medical, Rx 'n Go, Vision and Dental coverage
  • Medical plan cost comparisons
  • Mail Order Prescriptions - Medco
  • Free Preventative Generic Maintenance Medications by Mail through Rx 'n Go
  • And much more information!

Benefit Enrollment

  • All employees, regardless of benefit eligibility, must go online to benefitsolver to add personal information and emergency contact information. See instructions for login.
  • If eligible, an employee may enroll for benefits under the Anderson University health plan. Eligibility will begin the first of the month following employment.
    • It is the responsibility of each employee eligible for benefits to review benefits during open enrollment period each year.
    • Open enrollment is typically announced during October or November each year. If no changes are made, the benefits currently elected will be continued in the new calendar year. The benefits you elect will remain in effect for the calendar year. An employee may choose to change current benefits during open enrollment. Changes will be effective January 1 of the next calendar year.
    • Your benefit elections, except for HSA contributions, cannot be revoked or changed during the plan year unless there is a qualified change in status as permitted by IRS regulations.
    • Premiums for the benefits options selected are withheld pre-tax from pay the month of the effective date.
  • If not eligible for health benefits (less than 75% FTE), Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage is an option to review.

Other Information:

  • You will receive health insurance cards: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medical Card and Prescription ID Card for Express Scripts, Delta Dental Card, and Superior Vision Card, if enrolled in these benefits. The Health Care Provider List provides contact information for all the AU insurance providers.
  • The Health Savings Account (HSA) is a checking account through Teachers Credit Union – See Human Resources to complete forms.
  • Long-term disability enrollment eligibility is dependent upon previous coverage. Long-term care enrollment is only available to new employees.
  • Compare benefit elections with payroll deductions on your pay stub for initial pay and first pay in January each year. Contact the payroll & benefits specialist if you have any questions.

Benefits such as access to the Kardatzke Wellness Center, free passes to athletic/theatre events, online training opportunities

Online Training and Training Seminars

Anderson University encourages employees in their professional and personal development. You may take advantage of on-campus and online training opportunities.

Throughout the academic year, Human Resources, Library Services, Physical Plant Department, the Kardatzke Wellness Center and other departments offer exercise classes, training seminars, informational seminars, safety workshops, and mandatory employment meetings.

AU has signed an agreement with to make training opportunities available through the online resource library of over 1,800 courses on topics such as Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Drive as well as Microsoft Office, and graphic design software and more!

We encourage employees and supervisors to make training a priority. Contact Human Resources if interested in taking advantage of this benefit.