School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

Psychology Internships

After taking Interpersonal Relationships Class her sophomore year, Denisse knew the class had an impact on her life and her relationships so much that she wanted to take the material back to Mexico City and let it impact other people's lives as well. She worked alongside Dr. Wayne Priest, professor of psychology, in bringing her idea to fruition by spending a semester translating the material of the Interpersonal Relationships Class from English to Spanish. Dr. Priest recommended Denisse pairing with Dr. Tim Fox, professor of Spanish, in the translation of all the practical materials including flowcharts of the skills, PowerPoint presentations, and the observations and feedback sheets.

Throughout the process, Denisse kept in touch with her pastor at Fuente de vida Toluca in Toluca, Mexico State, as he was interested in the project and helped her figure out the logistics of the event.  Denisse spent the summer in Mexico and taught the skills to approximately 72 people which consisted of 9 groups of 8 people each.  

"Along the way there were complications and challenges but I know that the preparation I have received from the department of psychology at Anderson University gave me the necessary skills to overcome all of those. I feel so privileged that the professors trusted and encouraged me throughout the process. I am also very honored to have witnessed the material of the class impacting people across the border and being a small part of that impact."

- Denisse Bastida Ramirez, psychology major