Center for International and Intercultural Studies

Study Abroad FAQ

How do I get started?

Anderson University offers many opportunities for students to study abroad. Review the Getting Started info online.

How do I make an Appointment with the Director of Study Abroad?

You can either make an appointment online or stop by our office (Decker 132) to make an appointment.

Where can I travel?

Anderson University has more than 30 locations around the world to choose from. Our Endorsed Programs web page is a tool that can help you decide on a location/program.

How do I get a passport?

View Passport and Visa information plus other helpful trip preparation information.

What is an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)?

An ISIC gives international recognition to your student status and entitles you to sickness/accident insurance, 24-hour traveler’s assistance helpline, reduced airfares and discounts in the U.S. and abroad.

Are there health requirement for travel abroad?

Requirements and recommendations vary by destination. Information for your particular destination will be given during a group meeting. In general, you are responsible for your own health and for all medical costs. Remember to consult your personal physician to see if he/she recommends any immunizations prior to your departure. Check with your health insurance carrier to verify they will cover you while you are traveling outside the USA. Carry your family’s hospitalization card with account number and bring with you emergency funds since you are personally responsible for medical expenses incurred. If you use medication, be sure to carry it in the original container with you on the plane, as well as a copy of your physician’s prescription. You may wish to carry medicine to treat common traveler’s maladies.

Can I get financial aid to study abroad?

Most forms of federal and state financial aid will be available to you for study abroad or USA off-campus study. Consult with the Office of Student Financial Services for eligibility and use of these funds. Visit the financial aid web page to review information.