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Anderson, Indiana
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School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

Dance Faculty

Brittany Bain, adjunct faculty

Brittany Bain
M.F.A., Florida State University
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Jane Hichiya-Weiner, adjunct faculty

Jane Hichiya-Weiner
Hirofumi Inoue Ballet Academy
Ballet, pointe, variations
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Doug King, adjunct faculty

Doug King
B.A., Ball State University
Jazz, tap, musical theatre
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Hannah Jordan Wilhite, adjunct faculty

Hannah Jordan-Wilhite
B.A., Point Park University
Modern, Jazz
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Monica Munoz, adjunct faculty

Mónica Muñoz
B.A., Butler University
Ballet, pointe, character
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George Salinas, professor

Professor George Salinas
B.F.A., University of Oklahoma
Modern, composition
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Kenny Shepard, adjunct faculty

Kenny Shepard
B.A., Butler University
Jazz, composition, musical theatre dance
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Debra Silveus, adjunct faculty

Debra Silveus
B.F.A., SUNY Purchase
Modern, improvisation
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Shauna Steele, dance area coordinator

Professor Shauna Steele
M.F.A., University of Michigan
Dance Area Coordinator, modern, ballet, jazz, composition, improvisation
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Christine Colquitt Thacker, adjunct faculty

Christine Colquitt Thacker
B.A., Butler University
Composition, ballet, jazz
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Jennifer Weatherburn Thiemet, adjunct faculty

Jennifer Weatherburn-Thiemet
Canada's National Ballet School
Ballet, poine, variations
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