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Nursing Alumni

The Anderson University School of Nursing Alumni Association is dedicated to serving the needs of alumni through leadership, networking, mentorship and service to individuals and diverse groups.

AU Nursing Alumni Award Recipients

AU Nursing Alumni Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Awarded to any alumna/us or faculty member who has been in the profession for 15 or more years. This person will have made a significant contribution to nursing and achieved visible public recognition, achievement, and leadership, which reflect positively on the University’s and School of Nursing’s mission. Presented to an individual who has demonstrated a contribution of service made for the betterment of society and who promotes the profession of nursing.


  • One who has performed outstanding service in the profession of nursing on the local, state or international level.
  • One who has invested time, energy, and service for the betterment of the School of Nursing.
  • One who has contributed significantly to the cause of the profession in the areas of policy, research, and public service.
  • One who has or had an outstanding career and/or advanced the profession through practice, research, education, writing or practice administration.

Service to the Community Award
Awarded to an alumna/us who has demonstrated a clear commitment to serving the community through notable volunteerism, an outstanding act of selflessness, or a pattern of service to humanitarian efforts or causes.


  • One who has performed outstanding service to the community and brought recognition to the field of nursing and/or the School of Nursing.
  • One who is well thought of in the community, church, or the School of Nursing, and demonstrates the mission of the School of Nursing.
  • The award may be given for recent distinguished service or services rendered over a period of time.
  • One who demonstrates the application of a high level of nursing knowledge, compassion and caring to vulnerable populations on an ongoing basis.

Distinguished Alumni
Awarded to the alumna/us who exemplifies the spirit, philosophy, and vision of the School of Nursing; who has demonstrates outstanding, dedicated, faithful service to the School of Nursing beyond the call of duty; and who has made a contribution to the profession of nursing.


  • An alumna/us of the School of Nursing with local, national or international recognition in the profession of nursing.
  • One who has performed outstanding service to society in the profession of nursing and/or personal achievement, community or church.
  • One who has manifested interest in the School of Nursing and has shown support in any of the following ways: Contributions of time, money, talents; recruitment of students; and placement of graduates.
  • One who has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism, self-motivation, and an overall commitment to the field of nursing.

Friend of Nursing Award
Given to a person in the community who has demonstrated leadership ability, professional achievement, and is an active supporter of the profession of nursing and the SON.


  • Must demonstrate commitment to the profession of nursing through public policy, advocacy, and leadership.
  • Demonstrates fulfillment of the mission of the School of Nursing. 
  • Demonstrates continued interest and evidence of support of the profession of nursing and/or the School of Nursing by time, talent, or monetary or in-kind donation.
  • May be a professional in a discipline other than nursing.