School of Nursing & Kinesiology

Why Choose AU for PETE?

Physical Education classThe Physical Education Teacher Education program (PETE) at Anderson University is aimed at teaching and learning movement skills. Being in a success-oriented, dynamic, physically active environment enables students to become energetic teachers and coaches who lead by example. Students come to us with a background in sports and a love for athletics.

The PETE program builds on that knowledge and experience and directs it at developing instructional skills, assessment techniques, motivational tools, and communication. In the very first semester of the PETE program, students are out in schools observing and assisting in physical education classes. Throughout the freshman and sophomore years, PETE students enrich their skills base by taking classes aimed at teaching individual and dual sports, team sports, dance, tumbling, and fitness activities. They are introduced to teaching opportunities where they provide instruction to peers for portions of lessons in sport, fitness, or dance. Built into almost every PETE class is a service-learning experience in which students teach home-schooled children, special needs students, or public/private school students.

There is an emphasis on preparing PETE students to teach preschool through high school age. In a time where preventing obesity is a national priority, we are trying to equip PETE students with the tools to develop physical education programs that encourage students to engage in physical activity for fun, fitness, and good health. Changing activity habits changes lives. The AU PETE program strives to be a “game changer” where every student understands the joy, challenge, and benefits of lifetime physical activity…and they pass it on!