Lil' Sibs FAQ

Can siblings of the opposite gender sleep in the dorms?
Siblings under the age of 7 are permitted to stay in any of the dorms. For children 8 years and older, arrangements should be made so the lil' sib can stay in a dorm with students of his or her same gender.

How does the little sibling eat all weekend?
If the students choose to eat on campus, they can use the older sib’s meal plan to "swipe" in the little sib. If they choose to eat off campus, it is up to the family to provide the money.

What if there is an emergency with the lil’ sib?
Please give all emergency information, insurance, and phone numbers to the student that is housing the lil’ sib.

What is the Lil' Sibs Package?
Package -$10 with additional siblings $5/each (Must pre-register by Feb. 1, 2018)

  • Package includes t-shirt and bracelet.
  • Package is for Sibs only; not AU students.

More details on the Lil' Sib's Package.