Office of the President

History: Office of the President

President Nicholson, President Pistole, and President EdwardsThe campus of a Christian college or university, in addition to many other characteristics, should be a wonderful storehouse of wisdom, a gathering place of experienced and faithful elders anxious to share with a coming generation. Since its founding in 1917 Anderson University has been committed to the lofty tasks inherent in the very concept of Christian higher education.

Four persons have been responsible for the presidential leadership of Anderson University for nearly all of its existence. Without question they have been the “elders” in the finest sense. They have shown the way with wit, wisdom and executive skill. The fact that they survived in office for so long is less important than the fact that they have presided over the development of a truly remarkable institution shaped significantly by their wisdom, vision, sense of destiny, inspiring faith, credible lives—the qualities of true worth, the value-added dimensions that will endure.

Dr. John A. Morrison: 1923-1958

Dr. Robert H. Reardon: 1958-1983

Dr. Robert A. Nicholson: 1983-1990

Dr. James L. Edwards: 1990-2015

John S. Pistole: 2015-present

--Excerpted from Faith, Learning and Life: Views from the President's Office of Anderson University by Dr. Barry L. Callen, University Professor of Christian Studies at Anderson University