Office of the President

Dr. Robert A. Nicholson

President Emeritus NicholsonDr. Robert A. Nicholson, who served as college dean for twenty-five years, came to the presidency later in life and would have only seven years until his 1990 retirement. But these years would be full indeed, full of continuity with the past and freshness for new times.

Institutional mission was reemphasized and freshly articulated. The theme of servanthood was highlighted. Enrollments held steady in an increasingly competitive student marketplace. The name university was assumed and given meaning as an adult education division was established, new graduate programs were explored, faculty development programs were initiated and the number of vital partnership with the city of Anderson, local industries, the Church of God, Purdue University, and others increased.

Campus libraries were united, their holdings automated in major new space, and the modest institutional endowment was increased significantly. Ways were being found to maintain academic strength and accessibility for students desiring this distinctive form of higher education.

--Excerpted from Faith, Learning and Life: Views from the President's Office of Anderson University by Dr. Barry L. Callen, University Professor of Christian Studies at Anderson University