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Computer Science Alumni Profiles

"My experience and degree in Computer Science from Anderson University opened up a world of opportunity for me. Starting out as a freshman I knew nothing about programming - or really Computer Science - but my professors in my beginning classes took time to help me get a firm foundation in coding. Through that foundation and a desire to learn more I was able to have an on-campus internship with Genesys.  Since Genesys is a leader in software development in the Indianapolis area, this was a huge boost for my resume.  My experience in the internship, along with the deep knowledge I learned in my upper level classes, really prepared me for the real world. Anderson also connected me with the TechX Fellowship, which is a two-year post graduation career acceleration program in the technology field, and placed me in my first full time job. Through my experience at AU, and all the connections I made there, I was able to make an immediate impact as a Software Engineer in Test at my first job."  -- Kaleb Weddle, 2017 B.A. in Computer Science, now working for Renaissance Electronic Services as a Software Engineer in Testing and a 2017 Tech Fellow

"Anderson University gave me the chance to pursue not only an Information Systems degree but also a degree in Dance. My journey through Anderson University provided me with the platform and latitude to pursue both with excellence.  The greatest skill I learned in the CS department is the ability to think through a problem and logically come up with a solution. Thanks to the professors of the CS department, I was able to incorporate my problem solving skills learned while programming into my everyday life that ultimately lead me to a position with Disney. I am so grateful for the professors and CS department at AU. They get to know the students and help them achieve their individual goals, whether it directly involves a computer career or not." -- Emily Grismore, 2017 B.A. in Information Systems and Dance, now working for Scale as a QA Project Manager

"As an employer and AU graduate, I'm excited about working with the students of the Computer Science department.  The students come into our internship with a good grasp of coding principles and design, showing a good work ethic and are very enthusiastic.  I really appreciate the well-roundedness of the Anderson University students.  While I work with many different individuals on a daily basis, I truly enjoy working with the Anderson University students and grads.  These individuals have proven themselves to be adaptable and dependable." -- Brian Schultz, 2006 BA in Information Systems, now Team Lead, Software Engineer, Test, at Genesys

"My degree from Anderson University gave me the solid foundation in programming and mathematics that I needed to be successful in the video game industry. The subject matter of video games spans everything from fighting robots to farming simulation to tank warfare, making the broad liberal arts education that I received invaluable." — Sam Bloomquist, 2002 B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics, now the Chief Technology Officer at DriverReach

"What I loved about being a complementary computer science major is that I developed my interest in computer science while cultivating knowledge in music. The professors were always supportive of me, making the connections between computer science and my music business interests." — David Ragsdale, 2013 B.A. in Music Business with a Complementary Major in Computer Science

"The Anderson University Computer Science Department has been able to consistently deliver high-quality job candidates to Interactive Intelligence over the years. A significant part of the success of my department depends on the solid character, critical thinking, creative initiative, and confidence that the program builds in the students. My employees from Anderson University computer science program not only come with job skills for our current business needs but also have the flexibility and adaptability to become much more." — Jim Ostrognai, 1999 B.A. in Information Systems, now Senior Director of Engineering at Salesforce

"As a graduate of the AU Computer Science and Mathematics programs, I am often reminded of the preparation that AU’s programs have given me for my career. The background I received through the combination of these programs has proved very useful in my post-grad work. I am excited that AU’s BS in Computer Science will allow students to dive deeper into the connections between math and CS and equip them to solve some of the most interesting and difficult problems of our time. The professors who I encountered throughout my time at AU were quick to give individual attention and help me with problems in coursework or career preparation. I always felt that they cared about all of their students on a personal level. Anderson prepared me for internships at Indianapolis area companies by actively facilitating those connections and ensuring that I was ready to succeed in a business environment. As I have continued my working life with Genesys and the Indy Tech Fellowship I continue to see new ways in which I have been prepared through my time at AU." -- Nathan Nieman, 2016 B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics, now a Software Engineer at Genesys, and a 2016 Tech Fellow (link to Tech fellow site).  Read more about Nathan's experience.