Anderson Soccer Camps

Common Questions about Anderson Soccer Camps

Anderson Soccer Camps. Anderson University Ravens.

Q: Who should I contact with questions?
A: For questions about the program, contact Coach Scott Fridley.
    For questions about billing or registration, contact Jill Goodwin.

Q: Can I send mail to my child during camp?
A: Yes, we deliver daily when the campers are together, follow directions on the website.

Q: Can we bring birthday treats for our child?
A: Yes of course, please work it out with the Director so we know when to expect you.

Q: Can we come watch training?
A: We would prefer if you want to check in with your child to do so when they are in free time or in the dorm. We would like their full attention during training sessions.

Q: Should my child bring a water bottle?
A: They can, but there is also water available while at the fields.

Q: Will the trainer tape my ankle if need be?
A: Yes they will, but you will need to bring it with you or buy some at the camp store.

Q: What do we do if we are running late to camp check in from a vacation or another event?
A: Please contact the director and let him know when to expect your child to camp. 

Q: Do you offer scholarships? 
A: We do, there aren't many, contact the director to find out more about scholarships available.

Q: Can I combine discounts?
A: No, take the discount that provides the most advantage for you.

Q: Can Day Campers swim during camp? 
A: Yes, in the afternoon after the 2nd session there is free time when the camper can go to the pool.

Q: How much spending money should I send with my child to camp? 
A: Over the years, the standard has been between $25 and $50 depending on camp store, evening pizzas, and game room.

Q: Can we have an odd number of campers room together at camp?
A: Please contact the director, we will explain what we have done in these cases over the years.

Q: What happens if my child needs to take medicines during camp week?
A: When you check in you will bring your child's medicines to the trainer and explain what they need. They will be administered as needed for those campers that need assistance.

Q: Can my child bring a phone with them?
A: Yes, but we ask for them to leave them in their dorm rooms so it isn't a distraction.

Q: Should my child bring Sunscreen?
A: Yes, it is advised for the hot, sunny days.

Q: Can my child bring snacks/drinks to camp?
A: Yes

Q: Is ice available for injuries, coolers, and drinks
A: Yes

Q: How many sets of clothes should my child bring to camp?
A: They will need clothes for a possible 4 sessions a day. 

Q: Does my child need to bring a ball with them to camp?
A: They will get one at check-in, but they are allowed to bring one if they choose to.