The Office of Provost is here to serve and lead the academic endeavors of the university. For academics at Anderson to be at its best, all of us must give our best to one another.

We are committed to educating the whole person for a life of faith and service. Together we will create a vibrant learning community where all are challenged to reach their fullest potential. Together we lift one another to higher heights.

Dr. Marie Morris serves as the university’s provost. Her personal mission is to create an environment for growth and learning where we work together to deeply engage the learning process.

Provost Marie Morris speaking at a podium.

No better place to grow

At Anderson University, we offer:

  • a strong, Christian liberal arts program
  • faculty mentors who guide students in exploring their vocational calling
  • a deliberate attempt to connect theory with practice
  • opportunities to develop real-life skills through hands-on learning

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

I am passionate about preparing students for a complex global society and a future we can hardly imagine. Today’s graduates may be working at a job that does not yet exist.

— Dr. Marie Morris


Gary Agee

Dr. Gary B. Agee

Photo of David Armstrong

David Armstrong

Photo of Paula Auler

Paula Auler

Photo of Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey

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Brittany Bain

Photo of David Baird

Dr. David Baird

Photo of Soh Inge Baird

Inge Baird

Rebekah Baker

Rebekah Baker

Photo of Lolly Bargerstock

Dr. Lolly Bargerstock

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McKenzie Baird

Photo of Janell Blunt

Dr. Janell Blunt

Photo of Scott Borders

Dr. Scott Borders

Joani Brandon

Dr. Joani Brandon

Jonathan Brooks

Dr. Jonathan Brooks


Dr. Michael L. Bruce

Merribeth Bruning

Merribeth Bruning


Dr. Fredrick W. Burnett

Photo of Katelyn Butler

Dr. Katelyn Butler

Photo of Scott Carr

Dr. Scott R. Carr

photo of alex carter in a tuxedo holding a trumpet

Alex Carter

Shelly Cary

Shelly Cary

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Marilyn Chappell


Dr. Rebecca Chappell

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Carrie Clay


Dr. Michael E. Collette

David Coolidge

David Coolidge

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Mary Beth Coolidge

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Becki Cox

Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox

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Dr. Jennifer Coy


Adam Crosby

Photo of Brian Richard Dirck

Dr. Brian Richard Dirck

Amanda Drayer

Amanda Drayer

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Gregory Dugan


Dr. Emmett Allan Dulaney


Toni Earl

Nina Eaton

Nina Eaton

Rebecca Edie

Rebecca Edie

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Peter Elliott

Anna Epperly

Anna Epperly

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Chad Evans


Rev. Dr. Todd Faulkner

Heaven Fan

Dr. Heaven Fan

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Rosy Felix-Jester


Dr. Jerrald M. Fox

Photo of Soh Tim Fox

Dr. Timothy Fox

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Molly Frakes

Photo of Michael Frank

Dr. Michael Frank

Christie Franklin with a building in the background.

Christie Franklin

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Larry George, P.E.

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Judith Gibson

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Dr. Brandan Grayson

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G. Lee Griffith

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Jane Hachiya-Weiner


Chris Hamlyn

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Amy Hartzell


Dr. Rebecca A. Haskett

MaryAnn Hawkins

Dr. MaryAnn Hawkins

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Loy Hetrick

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Jason Higgs


Dr. Jay J. Hochstetler

Cortney Hofer

Cortney Hofer

Christopher Holmes

Dr. Christopher Holmes

Michelle Holmes

Michelle Holmes

Alistair Howlett

Alistair Howlett

Connie Heustis

Connie Huestis

Diana Miles Huntoon

Diana Miles Huntoon

Photo of Elizabeth Imafuji

Dr. Elizabeth Imafuji

Dr. Dan Ippolito standing near the White River

Dr. Dan Ippolito


Olivia Jackson

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Jamie Johnson


Dr. Diana Jones

Dr. Kyung Shin Kang

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Dr. Scott B. Kennedy

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Doug King


Dr. Shane Kirkpatrick

Patricia Kline

Patricia Kline

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Amy Kniffen

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Charles Koontz

Gert Kumi

Professor Gert Kumi

photo of Josiah Kunz teaching class

Dr. Josiah Kunz

Caroline Ahn

Dr. Caroline KyungA Ahn

Jayma Lallathin

Jayma Lallathin

Photo of Justin Lambright

Dr. Justin Lambright

Jan Leis

Jan Leis

Photo of Stefanie Leiter

Stefanie Leiter

Photo of Tia Lipan

Tai Lipan

Lozano Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert Lozano


Dr. Doyle J. Lucas

Nina Ludwick

Ms. Nina Ludwick

Photo of Jack Lugar

Jack Lugar

Toya Lutterman

Toya Lutterman

Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito speaks about expressing her faith in the classroom.

Dr. Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito

Kimberly Majeski

Dr. Kimberly S. Majeski

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David B. Mannell


Earlene Masi

Photo of Benjamin McPheron

Dr. Benjamin McPheron

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Cara Miller

Kari Miller

Kari Miller

Samantha Miller

Dr. Samantha L. Miller

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Deborah Miller-Fox

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Dr. John P. Millis

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Mónica Muñoz

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Dr. David Thomas Murphy

Sarah Neal

Sarah Neal

Alan Overstreet

Dr. G. Alan Overstreet

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Dr. Harold Owens II

Terry Pahls

Photo of Jason Robert Parks

Dr. Jason Robert Parks

Photo of Lisa Pay

Lisa Pay


Dr. Melanie Peddicord


Dr. Francis O. Pianki

John S. Pistole

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Dr. Abigail S. Post

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Amanda Potaczek

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Steven Potaczek

Dr. Richard Pottorf

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Joshua Powell

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Dr. Wayne Priest

Photo of Leroy Quashie

Dr. Leroy Quashie

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Dr. Kevin Radaker

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Elizabeth Ranfeld

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Dr. Tammy Reedy-Strother

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Paul Rhine

Placeholder Staff Photo

Dr. Suzanne Rice

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David Robbins

Fritz Robertson

Dr. Fritz Robertson

Gregory Robertson

Dr. Gregory A. Robertson

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Dr. Jaye Lee Rogers


Kelsie Rodman

Katy Sample

Katy Sample

Photo of Paul Saltzmann

Paul Saltzmann

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Bill Schmidt

Lynn Schmidt

Lynn Schmidt

Photo of Brian Schultz

Brian Schultz

Photo of Maria Scott

Dr. Dulce​ Maria Scott

Jim Scott

Jim Scott


Dr. J. Doug Seelbach

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Kenny Shepard

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Debra Silveus

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Leonid Sirotkin

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Cynthia Shaver


Dr. Hyeon Joon Shin

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Dr. Joel D. Shrock

Richard Sowers

Dr. Richard Sowers

Kystle Storts

Krystle Storts

Merle strege

Dr. Merle D. Strege

Photo of Laura Stull

Dr. Laura Stull


Prof. Anna Stumpf

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Yoonhae Swanson

Ray Sylvester

Dr. Ray Sylvester

Photo of Kyle M. Tarplee

Dr. Kyle M. Tarplee

Michael Tatom

Michael Tatom

Photo of Courtney Taylor

Dr. Courtney Taylor

Christine Colquitt Thacker

Christine Colquitt Thacker

Denna Thompson

Fsblist Tijerina

Prof. Vanessa Tijerina

Photo of Jeffrey Trotter

Jeffrey Trotter

photo of willis troy

Dr. Willis Troy


Dr. Terry Truitt

Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Jason Varner

Dr. Jason Varner


Dr. Brock Vaughters

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Dr. Chad E. Wallace

Adam Waller

Adam Waller

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Jennifer Weatherburn-Thiemet

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Joyce Wehneman


Tanya Whiteman

Nathan Willowby

Dr. Nathan J. Willowby

Jeffrey Wright

Dr. Jeffrey Wright

Erich Yetter

Erich Yetter

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Samantha Yoo

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Dr. Karri York