Office of the President

Dr. John A. Morrison

President Emeritus MorrisonDr. John A. Morrison shouldered the burden of leading a modest educational enterprise through its earliest development from a Bible training school into a liberal arts college, then surviving the Depression and World War II, and finally moving into an era of full accreditation, rapid growth, and the founding of the graduate School of Theology.

Always with a magnanimous spirit and his native Missouri wit, he was tenacious in standing for what he believed--and he surely believed in Christian higher education. This man was the heart and voice of Anderson University for nearly four decades, from his first arrival on campus in 1919 to his retirement in 1958. His was an amazing tenure and he was an unusual man who both guided and grew with the school over these many years.

When his retirement finally came, the man chosen to by the Board of Trustees to be his successor had been at his side for several years and had drunk deeply from the well of his wisdom.

--Excerpted from Faith, Learning and Life: Views from the President's Office of Anderson University by Dr. Barry L. Callen, University Professor of Christian Studies at Anderson University