Majors, Minors and Three-Year-Degrees

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Academic excellence at Anderson University means connecting intellectual inquiry with experiential learning within a context of academic and Christian discovery. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to their vocational calling. AU graduates make a difference!

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Traditional undergraduate students who receive financial aid.

Students participating in trips spanning six continents, 102 countries, and 27 states through our Tri-S Program.

Students in both undergraduate and graduate studies who are experiencing Real Life: Together.


Three Year Degrees

View our Graduate Studies programs in Business, Music Education, and Theology. We also have an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice.

*A complementary major is intended to enhance a primary major and may not stand alone or be coupled with other complementary majors to fulfill graduation requirements. These majors include a group of related courses of 26-54 academic hours that can be completed with a primary major.