Real Life. Experienced.

Real learning comes from living life, not just studying it.

Life at AU

Discover. Grow. Share… Repeat.

Real life can’t be learned under a microscope. That’s why student life at AU is integral to the education journey. Every friendship, mentorship, and experience is part of the journey of discovering who you’re meant to be. Learning takes place best in the context of meaningful community, fun adventures, and challenging moments where you find out what you’re made of. To find out what Real Life: Experienced is like for yourself, schedule a campus visit or apply now!

Campus Life

Intramurals, live bands, and numerous social organizations are just the beginning of student life at AU! From Mocha’s, the campus coffee shop, to student-organized events like “AU Ninja Warrior,” the AU experience goes well beyond the classroom with plenty of fun and lifelong friendships to be made.

Spiritual Life

No matter where you are in your faith journey, there’s a place for you at AU to grow spiritually. Whether through dynamic chapel speakers, weekly floor focus groups, service with Campus Ministries, or mentorship with faculty and staff members, you can experience Real Life: Transformed at AU.

“When I first started looking for colleges, I found that AU’s community was different than any of the colleges that I visited. AU is really centered on service and this is reflected in the students, teachers, and in all of its programs. It’s influenced me as a person, as a nursing major, and in my spiritual walk with Christ.”

Mitchell King


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Students currently studying in AU’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

Students, faculty, and staff have participated in AU’s global Study, Serve, Share program (Tri-S).

Arts, sports, social activities, student organizations, campus ministries — these are just a few of the many adventures waiting for you at Anderson University. Here, being a student means living Real Life: Experienced.


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Danielle Adams

Kelsie Allen, a light-skinned woman with long, curly, dark hair wearing a scarf

Kelsi Allen

Chrisharo Begay, a medium-skinned man with short dark hair.

Crisharo Begay

Stacey Carpenter

Stacey Carpenter

K'Mia Clarett, a woman with short, natural, black hair wearing pearls.

K’Mia Clarett

Christal Helvering

Christal Helvering, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Corrinne Huber, a light-skinned woman with a blond ponytail

Corrinne Huber

Angela Janutolo

Angela Janutolo M.A., L.M.H.C.

Ashley Kelly, a light-skinned woman with long, dark hair

Ashley Kelly

Cyd Kumi

Cyd Kumi, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Andrew Lehr, a light-skinned man with brown hair and a full, close-cropped beard.

Andrew Lehr

Dillon Lockwood

Dillon Lockwood

Chris Luekenga

Dominic Martin, a light-skinned man with a close-cropped goatee and dark blond hair.

Dominic Martin

Katlyn Martin, a light-skinned woman with wavy brown hair

Katlyn Martin

Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell

Becca Palmer

Maggie Platt

Maggie Platt

Linda Robertson

Linda Robertson

Michael Russo

Michael Russo, M.A., L. M. H. C. A.

Tamara Dreger Shelton

Tamara Dreger Shelton

Juanita Taylor

Juanita Taylor

Zina Teague

Zina Teague

Michael Thigpen

Connor Thomas

Connor Thomas